Interactive Elements

The dungeons also contain hazards such as poisonous swamps and guillotines, which inflict damage.
Sometimes they may be positioned to send you over the edge of a cliff, so try not to get too close to them.


gimmick effect
Boulder Bombs

Send a stream of boulders which explode on contact.
Can be used again after a set time.


Mount to fire powerful arrows.
Collapse after taking enough damage, but can be rebuilt withLボタン.

Heal Spot Heroes can restore their HP by entering the water of this water fountain object.
Spiky Floor

Spokes shoot out of this floor, inflicting damage and blowing away any that them.

Poison Swamp A purple poisonous swamp, damaging any player that enters.
Destructible walls Walls with red cracks in them can be destroyed by attacking them repeatedly.
These are quite tough, and will require lost of attacks.
Exploding Drum

A drum that will explode when attacked, damaging enemies in range.
What’s more, hitting it with an attack that blows things away will also cause this object to fly. 
In this case, it will explode when it makes contact with an enemy or obstacle.

Fire Drum

Quite powerful, and does fire damage.

Ice Drum

Does ice damage, and may turn those hit by it into snowmen.

Tornado Drum

Does wind damage, and hits multiple times.

Electric Drum

Does lightning damage, and may shock those hit by it.

Enchants Stone

Hitting this will bestow the same effect as the Mage’s Enchant skill on the hero that attacks it.
Using it once will cause it to be unusable for a set period of time.
There area fire, wind, lightning and ice variations.

Magic Fan An electric fan blowing wind that moves any characters in its range.
Some enemies, such as enormous ones, are not as affected by this.
Punch Box A box that shoots out a glove in a circle, blowing any characters it touches for away.

A massive blade swinging in the air like a pendulum. Those who touch it will take damage and get blown away.

Magic Elevator

Once all players are inside, they will be returned to the results screen after a short while.

Escape Rope

Press and hold Lボタン near an Escape Rope to leave the dungeon.