About Boost Minions

Minions can be leveled up, boosting their stats and making them more powerful.
Go to "Boost Minions" to assign EXP to minions and raise their level.

You can access "Boost Minions" from the Minion Lab.


How to Boost Minions - Getting Ready

In order to level up minions, you need both a minion you want to level up, and another minion that will be sacrificed.
Just like with leveling up items, any minions you sacrifice will disappear in the leveling up process!

If you sacrifice a minion with a special property, you will be able to alter certain properties of the minion to be leveled up. Sacrificing an identical minion to the one to be leveled up will increase the minion's luck.


How to Boost Minions - The Procedure
  1. Select the minion to level up.
  2. Select the minion to sacrifice.
  3. Once you confirm the minion to level up and the sacrificial minion, you must spend Happy Stars to complete the process.
  4. If the EXP is sufficient, the minion will level up!

Note: Max level minions cannot gain any more EXP.
In this case, only their other stats will change.


Special Properties of Awakener Minions

1. EXP Up Increases the EXP awarded when leveling up.
This has no effect on max-level minions.

2. Personality Makeover

You can change your minion's pesonality.
3. Awakener Minions with this property are used in Minion Awakenings.
4. Passive Change Changes a minion's Passive Ability at random.