About Mages

Mages are long-range specialists.
As well as performing powerful skill to set an element to theirs or an ally's weapon.

Mages lack battle endurance, so you'll need to fight smart to avoid being surrounded.


【Special Abilities】


Magical Popopon

Shot used when the weapon is not enchanted. The damage is not very high, but the fire rate is great so it stacks up your rage very efficiently.

Magic Shot Press thekey_help_rtbutton to cast magic spells. This uses up AP. A spell's effectiveness depends on the type of weapon equipped.
Special Abilities
  • Mages cannot equip shields or guard themselves.
  • Enchant spells that mages cast on themselves are permanent, and don't disappear after a time.


 【Types of Magic Shot】

Skill Effect

A fire shot that ignites foes it strikes.

Ice Shot

An ice shot that attacks with lumps of ice. Hold downkey_help_rtto adjust the distance, then release to shoot.


A short-range lightning attack that lasts as long as the button is held down for.
Guaranteed to shock any enemies.

Wind Blast A wind shot that sends enemies flying.
Fires in three directions, striking many foes at once.



Skill Effect
Enchant Assigns an element to your or an ally's weapon.
Enchants performed on other players disappear after a certain period of time.
Breeze Unleashes a wind that blows away enemies in front of you.
Ice Ball Shoots balls of ice while retreating.
Evade A more failsafe evasive tactic than Roll.
Heartbreak Arrow Strike hearts of evil with an arrow of light born from the desire for justice.Effective against demons.
Magical Rifle Summons a delightful pew-pew gun from a future dimension.
Moon Chakram Unleashes rings of light that home in on the enemy. Effective against undead.
Psychic Bolt An A skill that uses the energy of the nebula to quickly shoot 4 times!The shots go fast and allow you to aim for far-away enemies.It also has a chance of causing shock to the enemies!



Skill Effect
Magic Napalm Hold the button down to set the column of flames at your feet and release to launch.
Moon Chakram Attacks across a wide area. Hold the button down to adjust distance.
Wind Trap Blows away enemies that touch the trap, inflicting damage. There is an effect to inhale enemies. 
Blizzard Surrounds you with a blizzard that turns nearby enemies to snowmen.
Rapid Shot Fires a succession of fireballs forward.
Thunder Drill Attacks with thunder magic. You can move while pressingkey_help_ls.
Raging Blaze Releases a series of burning pillars. Control their direction withkey_help_ls.
Throne Room Create a barrier around you. Especially effective against human enemies! Can’t touch this!
40.6cm Cannon Fires a barrage of rounds from an ancient sea vessel causing physical damage. Hits are delayed.
Starlight Blaster Shower nearby enemies in a rain of lasers fired from the stars.
Glacial Judgment  Makes a tremendously strong ice meteorite fall in front of you. It takes a while until it hits the ground so let’s predict the enemy’s movements
Gust Bunny Summons 2 small twisters that chase down enemies!After using the skill, the twisters remain for a long time, so you can use them to run away or chase your enemies!
ifrit’s Inferno Incinerates enemies in front of you with fiery breath.
Beast Rapellent Protect your person with this magic bullet. Inflicts major damage to goblins.


【Team Skills】

Skill Effect
Lightning Arrows Shoots firth a hail of arrows of blinding light. Change the direction
of fire with key_help_ls.
Tornado Invokes an enormous tornado. You can alter its direction usingkey_help_ls.
Meteor Storm Attacks by bombarding the surrounding area with a meteor barrage.