Tool list

First Aid Kit This potion will cure KO status and restore a little HP. Use it like the cleric's Revive skill.
Healing Potion A mass-produced product made from common mineral water mixed with average medicinal herbs. It will restore a little HP.
Super Healing Potion A sweet potion made with pure water, quality medicinal herbs, and 400g of sugar. It will restore a decent amount of HP.
Hyper Healing Potion A powerful potion made from holy water with generous amounts of antibiotics and steroids. It will restore a lot of HP.
Healing Spray Disperses a Healing Potion via high-pressure gas, healing any allies around you a little bit.
Super Healing Spray Disperses a Super Healing Potion via high-pressure gas, healing any allies around you a fair amount.
Hyper Healing Spray Disperses a Hyper Healing Potion via high-pressure gas, healing any allies around you a lot.
Sacrifice Soul This kind soul will sacrifice itself and die instead of you if you are KO'd.
Magical Ether Drink this magical medicine and ether will flow inside you, enabling you to use many skills for a fixed period of time.
Flag Bomb When this bomb is thrown, the magical explosive inside explodes and damages surrounding enemies.
Incendiary Bomb A flame bomb. The thermite reaction creates a scorching explosion.
Liquid Nitrogen Bomb An ice bomb. Sprays liquid nitrogen when it explodes, inflicting ice damage.
Shock Bomb A lightning bomb. Fries your enemies with electrical pulses, inflicting lightning damage.
Tornado Bomb A wind bomb. Uses ghost-extract to create a small tornado, inflicting wind damage.
Spear A mainstay of a knight's arsenal, it will pierce the enemy and carry on flying. Throw first, ask questions later!
Fire Javelin A spear set ablaze with gasoline and alchemical substances to create an wonderful weapon that sparks with flames.
Ice Javelin A spear that has been frozen in a freezer and enchanted with ice magic. Use it to stab a lemon and you could make sorbet.
Thunder Javelin A spear that has an internal battery and contains a lightning spirit. Your enemies will be in for a shock.
Wind Javelin A spear equipped with a cooling fan and engraved with wind runes. It will blow anything away, from dust to houses.
Goblin Bane A spear sprayed with 1.2 gallons' worth of dead spirits who despised goblins. Naturally, it's great against goblins.
Undead Killer A silver spear boiled in things the undead hate, like holy water and garlic. Works wonders on the undead.
Brute Buster A gigantic spear designed to pierce enormous foes. Make them shut their huge mouths for good.
Fake Soma A rip-off of Grateful Juice. Miraculously, it still revives fallen allies around you.
Diluted Soma A cheap imitation of Grateful Juice. It's kind of a miracle that it resurrects fallen allies around you.
Miracle Soma The greatest juice in the history of juice. Drunk by the gods, it's miraculous power revives fallen allies around you.