About Leveling Up Items

Items can be leveled up, boosting their stats and making them more powerful.
Go to "Level Up Items" to assign EXP to items and raise their level.

You can access "Level Up Items" from the Smithy.


【How to Level Up Items - Getting Ready】

In order to level up items, you will need both an equipment item you want to level up, and an item that will be used as a "material" to do this.
Items with high levels and weights, or those with a "Item Exp Up" buff, will add lots of EXP when used as materials. Remember though, the item you use as a material will disappear in the leveling up process!

【How to Level Up Items - The Procedure】
  1. Select the equipment item to level up
    You cannot choose items that are already at max level.
  2. Select the equipment item or items to use as materials.
    Up to 50 items can be selected at a time, regardless of category.
  3. Once you confirm the item to level up and the materials, you must spend Happy Stars to complete the process.
  4. If the EXP is sufficient, then your item will level up!
    It's even possible to jump up several levels in one go.
【EXP Bonuses】
Item will very occasionally level up with Big success or Super success, awarding even more EXP than usual.
Using support items such as the Big Hammer or the Super Hammer will guarantee a super or ultra success respectively.