About Warriors

Warriors are experts at close-range combat.
Moves: Dash Attack - use to escape or inflict damage; Uppercut - sends the enemy flying; Rapid Stab - a fast, repeated attack.

Warriors don't fare well against ranged attacks, preferring to fight in close!


【Special Abilities】

Guard Attack Warriors can perform normal attacks even while guarding.
Dash Attack

Perform by pressingkey_help_xthe instant you tiltkey_help_ls.

The warrior will rush forward in the direction ofkey_help_ls, attacking as they go.

Uppercut Perform by pressingkey_help_rttwice in quick succession.The warrior's shield will shoot up, sending enemies flying. 

Rapid Stab

Perform by tappingkey_help_xmultiple times from the start of a normal attack. The warrior will stab repeatedly at high speed.



Skills Effect
Bash Batter enemies with a shield to send them flying.
Rush Sends enemies flying while running at full speed.
Spinning Blade Attacks nearby enemies while whirling around. Rotatekey_help_lsround and round for added power.
Charged Attack A powerful single strike, executed by holding the button down to build up power. Has five levels.
Shield Break A powerful attack that can break through the guard of strong foes and stagger them.
It also puts it in a guard break state.
Falcon Counter A high-speed slash.
Bleeding Gale Fang Unleashes a continuous attack. Effective against goblins.
Comet Punisher Strike with the energy of a galaxy. Can shock enemies.
Fenrir's Fang Swings the sword around to create a glowing aura.
Star Slasher Deals an uppercut and slashes at the same time. Effective against flying enemies and demons.
Cross Chopper Cuts down foes with holy light. Effective against the undead.
Energy Gather A sword technique devised to knock on heaven’s gates.Effective against demons.



Skills Effect
Rocketman Charge up by pressing key_help_b, then go flying. Causes damage to those near where the missile lands.
Stone Throw Throw stones to stun opponents.
Roar Inflicts nearby opponents with fear. Temporarily levels up your attacks

Super Guard

Reinforces your guard until AP runs out. Protects against most attacks.

Shield Charge An offensive and defensive skill that lets you advance and attack while in guard.
Ninja Sprint Move at high speed to slip behind the enemy and evade attacks.
Appeal Draw enemies toward you.
Beast Jet A full-power, full-spirited, full-body tackle! Use the key_help_ls to change direction. You can evade bosses’ strikes while attacking!
Volley Summons fire-breathing knights of yore. Effective against beasts.
Dragon Quake Summons a pillar of fire from the ground. Use it in combination with other attacks.
Spear’s Swansong Rushes into the enemy with strong consecutive strikes. Control the direction with the key_help_ls. There is a chance of freezing the enemies.
Demon Decimator Attack using your weapon and a kick. Effective against human enemies! Kick’em to the curb!


【Team Skills】

Skills Effect


Greatly boosts the attack of all players.
Iron Phalanx Increases defense and protects against attacks from all directions.
All classes will be able to attack from guard.
Group Rus All team members affected by the skill perform a Rush simultaneously.