Organizing Minions

【Forming a Party】
With the Organize Minion Party function, you can form a troupe of minions that will accompany you on your forays into the dungeons.
A party can have up to 13 minions, made up of main members and sub-members.
The number of minions you can take with you increases with your level.


【The Main Member】
The main members of the minion party are those who fight with you inside the dungeon.
Minions set as main members use their active abilities to help the player.

The main member set as the leader uses their leader ability.
However, when the main members are all wiped out, the leader ability stops having an effect.


【Support Members】
Support members are minions that strengthen the player and the main members, but don't fight in the dungeons.
Support members use their passive abilities, and also slightly boost the stats of the main members.