About Clerics

Clerics provide great backup with their healing, resurrection,
and power-up magic.
Their flexibility allows them to equip shields, so clerics can even be used to stop the enemy advancing.

While they lack attack power, clerics are invaluable for surviving tough battles.


【The Cleric's Special Abilities】

Skills Effect
Skills for supporting allies Once you've pressed the skill button, press key_help_lsto select an ally to help.Confirm by pressing the skill button again. To cancel, press any other button.
Uppercut Perform by pressingkey_help_rttwice in quick succession. The cleric's shield will shoot up, sending enemies flying.
Special Abilities
  • Clerics can construct ballistas slightly faster than other classes.
  • When Clerics use recovery items, they restore a greater amount than for other classes.



Skills Effect
Heal Recovers your HP and that of one ally.
Dispel Cures the status effects of you and those around you, including enemies, when you attack your surroundings. Effective against undead and demons.
Resurrect Revives a fallen ally.
Sanctuary Generates a field which recovers the HP of allies that enter it.


Generates a field which recovers the AP of allies that enter it.
Saintly Vacuum Pulls enemies closer to you.
Care Package Increases movement speed while strafing.
Phoenix Revival Attacks enemies while recovering nearby allies.
Spear of Victory Throws a spear that heals allies and deals damage to enemies, who also freezes.Heal your allies in the frontline and support them at the same time with this convenient skill!
Soothing Bullet Fires a magic bullet that heals allies.
Forbidden Apple The cleric’s high-class healing skill!Throws a spine-tinglingly juicy fruit to heal allies in a radius.If you throw them right, you can heal many allies at once!



Skills Effect
Dash Increases you or an ally's speed for a set time.
Sacred Armor Makes you or an ally invincible for a set amount of damage.
Wall Creates a giant wall that obstructs enemies. The wall breaks after taking enough damage, or if you make another one.
Surprise Slam A shield strike that stun enemies.
Heavenly Drive Charges forward, knocking enemies flying.
Justice Swing Swings your weapon like crazy, knocking enemies flying.
Holy Ball Fires sacred orbs at surrounding enemies.
Divine Explosion Unleash an explosion of condensed light that erodes the darkness.Effective against demons.
Dance of Death A spinning attack that inflicts Fear. Effective against human enemies! Slay your foe with a deadly waltz!
Entomb Releases a blast of holy light to aid retreat. Effective against undead.
Seismic Fall Creates a compound explosion of power and magic.
Thor’s Wrath A B skill that harvests the power of the stars to make a strong explosion!It also increases the team’s rage, so it’s good for offense and defense!
Beast Hex Envelopes nearby enemies with a column of fire. Inflicts major damage to goblins.


【Team Skills】



Sacred Song Increases the defense of all those who joined the team skill.
Happy Miracle Resurrects or restores the HP of surrounding allies. Any enemies that wander too close are turned into flowers.