Character Customization

In Happy Dungeons, you can customize your characters to your heart's content.
Not only can you change your weapons and protective gear, you can also choose which skills to use, your characters' appearances, and even their personalities.
Give your character their own personal style before taking them out into the dungeon!


Customize Description
Equip Items In the Equip Items menu, you can change your characters' equipment, weapons, protective gear, and accessories.
Any item can be equipped, as long as the character's class can wield it; however, if the weight of the items exceeds your character's weight limit, their stats will drop dramatically.
A character's weight limit increases as their level goes up.

Tool Bag

In the Tool Bag menu, you can prepare the items you'll take into the dungeons.
Up to four types of items can be carried, and they will replenish automatically while you are in a dungeon,but only as long as you have some in stock.
Setting  Skills

Before you can use skills in the dungeons, you need to set them in the Set Skills screen.
Each character can use three A-Skills, three B-Skills, and one Team Skills.
If you are not sure which to use, press key_help_x, and a recommended set will be chosen for you.

Change  Class "Change Class" allows you to change a character's class.
For example, if you want more warriors, you can use Change Class to turn a cleric into a warrior.
When you change a character's class, all the items they have equipped will be removed, so make sure you don't go into a dungeon naked. That's good advice in real life, too.
Edit Character

In the Edit Character menu, you can use customization parts to change a character's appearance and personality.
By purchasing customization parts in the Item Shop, you can increase the selection available to you.

Create your own individual style and show it off on the battlefield (because the game doesn't come with a catwalk)!