About Gifts

Any bonus rewards or gifts from the Happy Dungeons team are sent here, along with any items obtained that surpass your item limit.

Items in your inbox are deleted after 30 days.
Also, The inbox cannot hold more than 100 items;  if you exceed this number, the oldest ones will be deleted to make room.
Always check your inbox before accepting new items.


【Login Bonus】
You can receive login bonuses once a day.
There are two types: The "Login Streak Bonus" and the "Bonus for Total Logins."
You'll get better rewards the longer you maintain them for.
Login bonuses are sent to your inbox. Don't forget about them!

In the Login Bonus menu on the Home screen, you can check your bonus rewards, and how many days you have logged in for.


【Login Bonus Types】

Login Streak Bonus Your rewards get better and better every day you log in in a row.
After the 7th day, the day count will go back to 1.
Premium members will receive even better bonuses.
Bonus for Total Logins Gives you a reward based on how many days in total you've played Happy Dungeons.
Only the days you have logged in will be counted.