End of Service FAQ


 Happy Jewels

 Q. How long will Happy Jewels be available for purchase?

They will be purchasable until October 15th, 2018.


 Q. Can I refund my Happy Jewels?

We do not offer refunds on Happy Jewels. However, Happy Jewels can be used until service ends on June 17th, 2019.


 Q. Can I use Happy Jewels even after the game is no longer available for download?

Happy Jewels can be used until service ends on June 17th, 2019.

 *Due to the influx of requests to download Happy Dungeons, we have temporarily delayed the removal of Happy Dungeons from stores.


 Q. On PlayStation®4, you can download 50 Happy Jewels a month for free if you have PS Plus. How many Jewels can I get before service ends?

Standard distribution of Happy Jewels will end in September 2018 but players will be able to download 450 Jewels plus an additional 50 free Jewels between October 2018 and June 2019.



Now until service ends

 Q. Can I still play on PlayStation®4 without PS Plus until service ends?

Yes, you can still play without PS Plus until the end of service.


 Q. Is it possible to redownload the game after it is removed from the store?

If you have downloaded Happy Dungeons before November 12th, 2018, you will still be able to download the game even once it is removed from stores. For information on how to redownload the game after it has been removed from stores, please visit the official website for the platform you wish to redownload it on.

- PlayStation®4 Official Site

- Xbox One Official Site





End of service

 Q. Will I be able to play offline once service ends?

Happy Dungeons will not be available for play online or offline once service ends.